Example picture ATHOS cable rewinder application in vacuum cleaner

Automatic rewinding systems from ATHOS


K27/160 2-pole black cable rewinder
Example picture ATHOS hose rewinder application for car wash

Automatic rewinding systems from ATHOS


Hose rewinder with hose
Example picture ATHOS rope rewinder application as fence

Automatic rewinding systems from ATHOS


Rope rewinder yellow unrolled from the left
Example picture ATHOS hose rewinder application in workshop

Automatic rewinding systems from ATHOS


Hose rewinder K26


Discover the advantages Athos rewinding systems offer for your products

Discover the advantages

Once installed, our automatic rewinding systems increase the value of your products in several ways to deliver the added value that speaks for you and your products.

Long cables, hoses, and ropes are a nuisance. ATHOS rewinding systems simply rewind them.

Automatic rewinding systems rewind what would otherwise remain in the dirt.
Automatic rewinding systems rewind what would otherwise be damaged.
Automatic rewinding systems rewind what would otherwise be in the way.
Automatic rewinding systems rewind what you would otherwise have to rewind by hand.
Automatic rewinding systems rewind what would otherwise become a tripping hazard.
Example application cleanliness: rewinders in building cleaning

They offer flexibility when it counts: Rewinding systems in the cleaning industry


Example application longevity: rewinders in the workshop

They stow things safely when you need to focus on the essentials: Rewinding systems in workshops


Example application order: rewinders in industrial operation

They create order when you don’t have any time: Rewinding systems in the industry


Example application comfort: rewinders for electric cars

They save time when you are in a hurry:
Rewinding systems in electromobility


Example application safety: rewinders in the garden

They prevent danger before it occurs:
Rewinding systems in garden tools



The solution for everything that can be wound up

Discover solutions

No matter what you want to rewind: rewinding systems from ATHOS do it to perfection. Our in-house development department ensures the best solution for every rewinding medium. Learn more about our automatic rewinding systems for your rewinding media and industry.

Icon cable


Suitable for almost all cable applications: Power cables, data cables, flat cables, round cables, and more.

Icon hose


Suitable for virtually any hose application: Compressed air hoses, hydraulic hoses, water hoses, and more.

Icon rope


For practical use of barrier ropes, wire ropes, and more.

Icon whirlwind further media

Winders for other media

Does your product not fit into any of these categories? We will develop your rewinder.

Can be used in any industry

Discover industries

Millions of rewinding solutions are in use every day around the world to provide the best user experience – perfectly matched to the location and industry.

What are the requirements of your industry?


How does the rewinding system come into your application?

About the technology

Automatic rewinding systems perform their tasks in secret. Built into your product, they are not visible to the user – but they are particularly practical.

Find out how our rewinders work and what options we have to adapt them optimally to your application. We support you from planning to installation in order to achieve the best result.

How do rewinding systems from ATHOS work?

What technology is hidden inside the rewinding system? What makes our rewinders the perfect complement for your product? Learn everything you need to know for your rewinding solution.


Planning of your rewinding project

We offer personal support from the very beginning. But how exactly do we find the rewinding solution that fits your application?


Your individual rewinding solution from ATHOS

On request, we can develop your own fully customised rewinding solution. Learn everything about the process and the cooperation with ATHOS.



We are the world’s leading manufacturer of rewinding systems

Get to know ATHOS

Our mission: Greater user-friendliness for anything that can be wound up – worldwide. As market leader, we develop and produce the always perfect rewinding solution for our customers.

Get to know our sites.

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What you can expect from us: your perfect solution

Learn more

We create added value for your product. We start with your inquiry. We can advise you personally on the rewinding systems in our range or develop your own individual rewinding system if required. This is how we achieve the perfect solution for every application.

Discover what makes ATHOS work.


For everyone who always wants to be up to date when rewinding


You can discover our latest rewinding projects and get exciting insights into the world of ATHOS in our news section and our news archive. You can also order all news with our newsletter directly to your inbox. It’s worth checking in every now and then!

New managing director at ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH

Retirement of Mr. Ehlert as Managing Director at ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH

Support for the local skaters in Iserlohn.

... and ATHOS supplies the automatic rewinder with IEC plug.

ATHOS cable rewinder K15 with angled plug in use for convenience, safety and durability ...

... and the rewind technology comes from ATHOS.


Your direct line to ATHOS

Once we receive your inquiry, our technical teams will analyse your task and work out an approach to a solution together with you. A phone call or an email is all it takes to launch a successful collaboration.

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