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New managing director at ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH

Retirement of Mr. Ehlert as Managing Director at ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH

Support for the local skaters in Iserlohn.

... and ATHOS supplies the automatic rewinder with IEC plug.

ATHOS cable rewinder K15 with angled plug in use for convenience, safety and durability ...

... and the rewind technology comes from ATHOS.


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Westerfelder Weg 25
D-58515 Luedenscheid
Phone +49 2351 9488-0
Fax +49 2351 9488-25

ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH
Competence centre South

Im Koebler 2
D-75438 Knittlingen
Phone +49 7043 106-0
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