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The technology behind the rewinders



How does an ATHOS rewinding system work?

Rewind in a single step what would otherwise be lying around: Automatic rewinding systems make rewinding cables, hoses and ropes easier than ever before. The principle is simple: Instead of having to laboriously rewind your rewinding media manually or onto a manual cable drum, the user can simply operate the automatic rewinding system.

What is the technology in a rewinding system?

Technically, all ATHOS rewinding systems are based on the same principle. They contain:

  • A drum for rewinding the medium
  • A contact system (for electrical cable rewinding systems)
  • A drive or spring that rolls up the medium on demand
  • A base plate for mounting in the terminal device
  • A brake system for locking in the desired position
Brake system
Base plate, Mounting
Drive, Spring
Contact system
Drum, Rewinding
Cable, Plug


Adaption to technical requirements

The parts are adjusted to your application’s requirements in size and function, creating the matching automatic rewinding system for every individual case. This includes country-typical requirements, as well as safety-relevant prerequisites. The technical adjustments comprise, among other things, the following parts, using the example of a cable rewinder:

  • Use of a cable suitable for the application (cable length, material, cable shape)
  • Use of a country-specific plug
  • Use of an uninterruptible transmission system


The proper drive for your rewinder

The rewinding movement is caused by power springs of high-tech materials to match the application-specific requirements. Choose between the following three common drive types for your rewinding system:

The cable is rewound via the constant power spring

Drive via a constant
power spring

Flat torque, even rewinding speed, service life of more than 6,000 cycles*

The cable is rewound via the spiral power spring

Drive via a spiral
power spring

Steep torque, accelerated rewinding speed, service life well over 10,000 cycles*

The hose is rewound via an electrical motor

Electric drive BY BATTERY

Low pull-out force, convenient rewinding with electric motor, designed for the product service life

*One cycle corresponds to the unwinding and rewinding of the medium.
We would like to thank our partners Hugo Kern & Liebers GmbH & Co. KG (constant power spring, spiral power spring) und Gardena (electric drive by battery) for providing the videos.

The proper release procedure for your application

Improve handling with your finished product by integrating the right release procedure. The release procedure determines how your users can fix and rewinding the rewinding media. The following options are available for your ATHOS rewinding system:

Catch brake

The rewinding medium is fixed at the desired position with the catch brake during unwinding. A single pull on the rewinding medium is sufficient for complete rewinding.

Push button release
with catch brake

The rewinding medium is automatically wound up entirely when the release button on the device is pushed once. For this, the button activates a catch release system on the base plate.

Multifunction release

Your users can make their choice: The rewinding medium can be rewound both by pushing a button and by pulling once with the multi-function release.

Push-button release
with brake roller

The rewinding medium is wound up to the desired point by pressing a release button. The rewinding system stops when the user releases the button.

Permanent pull

The rewinding medium is permanently under tension with permanent pull. Once the user releases the medium, it is automatically wound up entirely by the rewinding system.


Your individual rewinding system

Does your application have its own unique requirements? We will gladly develop your individual rewinding system according to your ideas.



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