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How automatic rewinders increase the value of your products

Added value


Discover all the advantages of automatic rewinders

Of course you can rewind cables, hoses, ropes, and other media by hand, tie them together and stow them away somehow. An automatic rewinding system, however, improves handling considerably. This gives your product added value with as many as five advantages.

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More cleanliness

There are many good reasons that are worth getting your hands dirty. Rewinding a cable is not one of them. You can just automatically rewind the cable, hose, or rope before it ends up in the dirt. If it does happen anyway: Simply rewind the cable automatically by the push of a button or a pull, without touching it.

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Longer service life

Everyone is talking about saving resources – take the first step. An automatic rewinding system minimises the risk of cable breakage, extending the service lives of vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, lawn mowers, and similar devices considerably. This enhances your product, creates trust, and preserves resources.

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Greater order

Cables, hoses, and ropes wound up by hand are difficult to store neatly. They lie around, take up space, and need to be untangled before they can be used. Automatic rewinding systems ensure a tidy and neat ambience on the workbench, in the tool shed and in the broom closet.

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Greater security

Cables are the ultimate tripping hazard – both in commercial operations and in the home. Reduce the risk of accidents, and the risk of painful injuries, financial loss, and long periods of absence resulting from them.

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Greater comfort

Time is too precious to spend rewinding cables, hoses, and ropes. Automatic rewinding systems from ATHOS take care of this, freeing up a few minutes every day for the truly important things.

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True added value in many industries

No matter what you want to rewind: ATHOS rewinding systems take care of it in a relaxed manner – and not only in classic areas of application. We also develop optimal rewinding solutions for challenging industries.

Discover which challenges we have the right solution for in your industry.

Household appliances


Household appliances and their components are exposed to daily wear and tear. Safety – both in supervised and unsupervised use – is particularly vital in this area. Who would want to buy a household appliance that could become a danger to their own family?

Our solution

Thanks to their high quality, our rewinding systems can handle even daily use. They are individually adapted to the challenges of the products, for example with splash water protection or special heat resistance.

Are you a manufacturer of household appliances? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




Electromobility should be as comfortable as possible. Dirty hands after charging should not be part of everyday life. The step of rewinding the cable must be clean and easy. At the same time, public charging stations in particular have to withstand heavy loads and weather conditions.

Our solution

Automatic rewinding systems make electromobility more convenient. When the rewinding mechanism is released by a button on the charging station, the user’s hands and clothing will remain clean. A constant pull can be implemented as well, gently keeping the cable away from dirt and wetness on the floor. Even highly frequented charging stations maintain their user-friendly function thanks to the high quality of the tension spring.

Are you involved in electromobility? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




No matter whether commercial or private workshops: Good work is only possible if all tools, test equipment, and lamps are in their places. At the same time, they must be mobile to permit work in different locations and by different people. There is no time to avoid rough handling or rolling over cables, hoses, and ropes in the stressful daily routine. Automatic rewinding systems take care of this.

Our solution

Rewinding systems keep tools and equipment on hand and accessible for everyone. Mobile workshop trolleys are equipped with automatic rewinders so that they can be used throughout the workshop. Wall stations for ropes and hoses with permanent pull ensure easy use and order.

Workshops are your field of application? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.


Data processing


Data transmission is gaining in importance with growing digitalisation. Data transfer must be easy to implement not only in the office, but also in difficult situations. (USB) data cables are also used in supermarkets, halls and mobile applications and have to withstand intensive stress. In particular, devices in publicly accessible locations must be both mobile and protected against theft.

Our solution

Publicly accessible devices, such as mobile barcode scanners, are equipped with a rewinding system with permanent pull. This makes vandalism or accidental theft of the devices impossible. In devices with high loads, robust rewinding mechanisms ensure reliable use.

Do you need support for your data processing? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




The use of medical equipment and nursing furniture requires special flexibility and safety. For example, automatic rewinders ensure easy handling in height-adjustable applications on mobile ward round carts or in laboratories. In addition to mechanical influences, the material is also exposed to aggressive disinfectants.

Our solution

Cables and hoses are always ready for use with automatic rewinding systems. This means that only one step is needed even in an emergency. Mobile boxes allow flexible supply of the necessary equipment at almost any location. Thanks to robust materials, rewinding systems, cables, and hoses withstand even rough handling and aggressive cleaning agents.

Healthcare is your industry? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




Even small time savings bring great advantages in logistics. Automatic rewinders are used on industrial trucks as well as on barrier ropes and data processing equipment. The rewinding systems and the rewinding media must be able to withstand high loads, for example due to weight effects.

Our solution

Depending on the requirements, standardised or individual rewinding systems facilitate the work processes in logistics. Robust material ensures durability of the rewinding systems and the rewinding media. At the same time, centrally located rewinding devices permit easy, consistent organisation. Cables, hoses, and ropes are kept in stock in the required length, so that supply is possible in all required areas.

Are you working in the logistics industry? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




Height-adjustable desks must be mobile at the same time, lecterns should be easily supplied with power, and mobile cabinets turn into a power centre. The cable and rewinding system should be virtually invisibly in the piece of furniture to avoid any impairment of the ambience. Space is often scarce.

Our solution

Standardised rewinders can be ordered in quantities of only a single piece. This makes them a cost-effective solution for individual applications. Due to their compact dimensions, they are integrated in a space-saving manner. Matching cable bushings allow for an appealing look and practical and safe handling at the same time. Even comprehensive supply boxes are thus accommodated in small pieces of furniture. Individual rewinding solutions are also possible for furniture and accessories in the garden area such as awnings.

Are you a manufacturer of furniture or would you like to modify a unique piece? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.


Consumer electronics


Easy handling with a rewinding system provides maximum comfort in the private sector. On the other hand, the focus is on order and saving time for consumer electronics in the commercial area. Stage equipment in particular is frequently set up and dismantled. Cables for speakers, microphones, screens, and other elements often get mixed up. Untangling and rewinding takes up plenty of time, which is usually not available when working quickly on stage between performances.

Our solution

Housing boxes with one or several rewinders keep all the required cables ready in one central location. The cables are organised in a time-saving manner at the push of a button after a performance. Even small and individual requirements are covered by individual rewinders for audio and data cables. Thanks to variable cable lengths, the stage is kept clear of superfluous cable loops.

Are you a manufacturer of consumer electronics? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.




Even small tripping hazards can cause severe injuries to the residents in nursing homes. At the same time, nursing furniture must allow a high degree of mobility without requiring time-consuming retooling. Power connections must be protected from moisture.

Our solution

Rewinding systems quickly rewind cables to keep them from becoming tripping hazards. Rewinding is also possible without having to pick up the cable via a push-button release. In addition, a striking colour scheme is possible for customised designs, which increases visibility and makes it easier to distinguish between different cables. A splash guard protects the contacts from moisture in the rewinding system.

You would like to optimise your application in the care? Talk to us! We will deliver your rewinding solution.


What are the requirements of your industry?

Your application is in another industry? Tell us about your challenges, we will find your rewinding solution!



Where are automatic rewind systems in use?

Rewinding can be so easy. Many manufacturers from different industries have already discovered the advantages of our automatic rewinding systems for their products. Among other things, you will already find ATHOS rewinding systems in the following applications:


These brands are already adding value with rewinding systems from ATHOS

We have already been able to create added value for the products of many customers in a great number of exciting rewinding projects. Discover which manufacturers have already optimised their application with automatic rewinding systems:


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