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How automatic rewinding systems work

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Automatic rewinding systems are far more than just a hose or cable drum. Once installed, they facilitate handling with many different applications. Learn about the technology hidden within an automatic rewinder and about the options for customisation to your application.

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Working together for the perfect rewinding solution for your application

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Integrating a rewinding system into your product is complicated, expensive, and tedious? Certainly not! Our comprehensive service will support you in the planning of your individual rewinding project.

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We develop your rewinding system

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Can a rewinding system perfectly match your ideas?

It can – and it’s even easier than you may think. Our development team is working closely with your design department to implement a rewinding solution tailored to the requirements of your application.

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How can you integrate the rewinding system into your application?

Two people talking about a cable rewinder

It’s your turn now: Integrating a rewinding system into your product is easier than you may think. We will support you in planning and implementation. This will let you install and approve the finished product quickly.

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Your questions – our answers

How does a rewinding system work? How long does it take until the finished product is ready? We answer these and other questions in our FAQ.

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Your direct line to ATHOS

Once we receive your inquiry, our technical teams will analyse your task and work out an approach to a solution together with you. A phone call or an email is all it takes to launch a successful collaboration.

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