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The path to your individual rewinding system



Your requirements –
our challenge

Employees developing a rewinding system on the computer

Special requirements deserve special rewinding systems. As a result, we design, develop, and manufacture your individual rewinding solution down in every detail according to your specifications. We develop and record them together in a specification sheet.

The following serve as particularly important foundations for the development:

  • Planned stress on the product and the rewinding system
  • Place of use of the product
  • Planned users of the product
  • Desired service life.

We develop the optimal rewinding solution for your product according to these requirements within the project budget.


Using synergies for best results

Two people looking at technical drawing

The entire development process takes place in close cooperation with your design engineers. This allows us to leverage cost across product lines to deliver the best results within your budget.

We use synergies from your and our know-how in particular in the area of quality assurance planning (QSVP) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). We will evaluate the tests together with prototypes and optimise your rewinding solution until it meets your and our requirements.

Only after approval by your project managers does production take place in the desired quality and quantity.


Own production for defect-free products

Following approval, we start with the production of your rewinding system. We rely on our in-house production facilities to ensure the quality of our products, where we perform every production step in-house: metal processing, plastic processing, assembly, testing, and packaging. It goes without saying at ATHOS that each of our production facilities meets the strict criteria of DIN ISO 9001.

Have a look at our production. This is where your rewinding systems are created:

General view of the ATHOS metal processing facility

Metal processing

Specialised know-how in metal processing: The components from the inside of our rewinding systems are formed from tested materials in our own metal processing.

Detailed view of the punching process with automatic joining

Metal processing

All required components made of different materials are punched on site and automatically assembled.

Employees at the ATHOS injection moulding machine

Plastic processing

Plastic moulding right on site: Our own plastic injection moulding makes us independent of external suppliers.

Interior view of the ATHOS plastic injection moulding machine

Plastic processing

Customised production: The production of plastic components in our manufacturing facilities enables us to react flexibly to your demand.

Plastic parts in plastic processing from ATHOS

Plastic processing

The production of the plastic components takes place in series in the desired number of pieces. The costs for this are calculated precisely within the development process to give you planning security for the pricing of the end product for your rewinding project.

Employees in quality assurance at the computer

Plastic processing

Rely on ATHOS: The quality of the plastic parts is continuously checked in our own quality assurance department.

General view of the ATHOS assembly line


Avoid unnecessary journeys: Assembly of your rewinding systems takes place directly on site. This saves us transport costs and protects the environment.

Detail view of the automatic assembly of a hose rewinder


Efficiently combined: The assembly of the rewinding systems is partly performed automatically...

Employee at assembly of a cable rewinder


...and partly by the practised hands of our employees.

Employee assembling a hose rewinder


This means that every rewinding system is subject to the scrutiny of our rewinding professionals right from the assembly stage.

Fully assembled cable rewinders from ATHOS


Quality in the desired quantity: These manufacturing steps enable us to produce both small and large quantities efficiently, quickly, and according to plan.

Employee checking a cable rewinder at the test station


Individually tested: The rewinding systems are tested based on their requirements even before packing.

Employee subjecting a hose rewinder to the pressure test


This way, we ensure that cables, hoses, and ropes in the rewinders perform what you expect for your application.

A machine folding the packaging of a hose rewinder


Well packed: Before your rewinding systems make their way to you, we pack them suitably for transport. Individual packaging directly for sale to end customers is also possible due to our own packaging facility.

Employee packing a hose rewinder in a cardboard box


In the course of this, your rewinders will pass under the eyes of our employees once again, which ensures that both product and packaging meet your expectations.

When will your rewinding system go into production?

Our production is ready for your challenge. Start developing your rewinding system with us today!



Your direct line to ATHOS

Once we receive your inquiry, our technical teams will analyse your task and work out an approach to a solution together with you. A phone call or an email is all it takes to launch a successful collaboration.

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