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Questions and answers about our built-in cable rewinding systems

How does a rewinder work?

The ATHOS rewinding systems comprise individual modules that – individually assembled – solve almost any rewinding requirement.

Drums at various sizes rewind the different cable lengths, some of which have country-specific plugs. The respective contact system provides the current transmission between rotating and stationary parts to ensure uninterrupted connection on the power side to the application. The base plate, usually customised, fastens the rewinder in the device. However, ATHOS also offers standardised base plates that have proven their worth in many applications. The drive automatically winds the cable back onto the drum after it has been pulled out. It is applied by the power spring (constant force or power spring). Last but not least, application-specific release and lock options are used to brake the cable after it has been pulled out or even while rewinding or to fix it in a specific position.

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How can I integrate the rewinding system into my application?

Find a detailed instruction here.

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Does ATHOS also supply classic rewinding drums for extension cables?

No. ATHOS manufactures automatic integrated cable rewinding systems, which are supplied complete with cables and connectors. Bare drums that can be retrofitted with cables are not part of the portfolio.

What is the minimum size of my product for installation of a rewinder?

The smallest available rewinder equipped with spring and contact system is the K11/94. You can find the drawing with dimensions here. The rewinder has a diameter of 95 mm and is only 23 mm high.

Generally, such a small and flat rewinder is limited in accommodating large amounts of cable, of course. For example, the K11/94 only holds 1.10 m of 2-pole cable. You will find technical drawings with the respective dimensions on the product pages for each rewinder system.

How do I find out which rewinder fits my product?

Each product page contains 2D drawings with dimensions. We can also provide 3D step files on request. This will let you see at a glance whether and which cable rewinder will fit into your intended installation space. We will be gladly advise you on further technical details on request.

What cables can I rewind with a cable rewinder?

Power and data cables are used on our automatic built-in cable rewinders. By default, these cables have flat or round EU plugs that can be straight or angled, alternatively male or female USB plugs for data transfer.

Can I also order a rewinding system without the cable?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the cable rewinder without cables since it is not possible to equip it with cables at a later date without risk and this must be done during the production process. Contacting of the cable, tension relief, and, of course, the pretension and force of the spring make the rewinder a complex unit that only works when fully assembled and mounted.

Are the ATHOS rewinding systems waterproof?

No. Even with an enclosure, contacts and other live parts cannot, or only inadequately, be protected from water.

When installed, however, we can implement different IP levels (e.g., splash-proof or similar) for the rewinding systems. Please inquire about this and tell us about the requirements in your application.

What is the average service life of a rewinding system?

We usually guarantee a number of 5,000 to 6,000 cycles for constant power spring drives (one cycle corresponds to one unwinding and rewinding process). In the case of drives by the spiral power spring, cycle numbers of up to 50,000 units are possible, depending on the size and dimension of the spring and many other individual factors.


Questions and answers about the process

How much time do I have to plan for a custom design?

This depends on many factors, e.g.

  • Can existing components be used?
  • Does everything have to be redesigned as well as manufactured?
  • What are the delivery times for material, in particular for any necessary cable and connector variants?

Customisations may take 3-6 months are certainly possible, and new constructions up to 1 year or more.

Do I need my own development department for the collaboration?

There is no ONE answer here. Where individual solutions for a product from your company are concerned, it is always advisable for your design department (which can also be a single employee) to work together with our specialists. As a manufacturer of a particular application that needs to integrate a cable rewinder, you will probably operate a technical department.

If you need a rewinding system, e.g. if you manufacture a side table and you might want to attach it there, there are, of course, regulations for attaching and installing a standardised rewinder. You don’t necessarily have to have a development or design department for it, though.

Is the request for a rewinding system a binding order?

Of course not. Please let us know which rewinding system you are interested in (by email or phone). We will get back to you with further information and often with a quotation, as we also use our standardised rewinding systems – depending on the quantity required. Since they are held in stock, we can also offer them in small quantities.

We will gladly coordinate individual wishes directly with you. We will gladly review technical feasibility for you even before the offer is made. If the initial situation is positive, we will enter into cooperation with your development/design department on request.

What are the minimum purchase quantities?

Immediately available products that can be delivered within 1 week, are available starting at a purchase quantity of 1 piece. For customisation, e.g. other cable length, other plug variant, other cable colour, other release and lock system etc., we are unfortunately limited to a purchase quantity of 1,000 units by our suppliers. However, we will be happy to answer your inquiry individually and also check possible smaller stocks in our factories.

Can I order from ATHOS directly as a private person?

We are only allowed to sell to commercial customers for safety and legal reasons. You cannot place an official order with ATHOS if you do not have a VAT number.

If you do not have one, you could also have a company you are acquainted with (local craftsman or similar) order and “buy” the rewinder. The invoice and goods will go directly to that company as the purchaser. They are then responsible for proper and professional installation!


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