ATHOS Slovenia get´s the "Socially responsible employer" certificate

In Athos Elektrosistemi (Slovenia) we understand social responsibility as a mission that puts human and natural resources at the forefront so they play an important role in our interconnections and the environment in which we live and operate.

We have therefore recognized social responsibility as one of our core values, which guides our work and obliges us to act and make decisions that have a wider social impact and benefit.

The company's management undertakes to make, develop, and implement socially responsible decisions and actions together with employees, business partners and other stakeholders, and implement them in all environments and relationships where we operate.

To improve our social management, especially in the relationship of employees, in March 2022 we approached the project of the certificate Socially responsible employer, based on the principles and essential content of the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard, which aim is to improve socially responsible management in relation to employees.  In addition to this basis, the certificate shall also consider the sustainable reporting standards GRI (Global reporting Initiative), the Sustainable Development Goals, the International Labor Organization Conventions, and others.

On the 6th of September the Ekvilib Institute made the decision to give the accession certificate Socially Responsible Employer to Athos Elektrosistemi d.o.o. for the field of INTERGENERATIONAL COOPERATION.  

Since 2020, 200 socially responsible employers from the public and private sectors have been certified as Socially Responsible Employer.
The certificates were awarded by Gašper Zakrajšek, Head of Socially Responsible Employer Project at the Ekvilib Institute, and guest of honour Katja Rihar Bajuk, Director-General of the Directorate for Labour Relations and Labour Rights. 

On behalf of ATHOS Elektrosistemi, the certificates were received by Maša Lileg Senica, Head of HR, who attended the ceremony together with her colleague Monika Fišter (Picture 3). 

The acquired accession certificate Socially responsible employer is primarily a formal confirmation of our values and socially responsible actions, which have evolved in the company over several years, because many measures in the field of organizational management, reconciliation of private and professional life, safety, and health at work as well as measures in the field of intergenerational cooperation have already been implemented in the company prior to this formal confirmation. 

Further activities of ATHOS Elektrosistemi d.o.o. will be focused on obtaining the umbrella certificate Socially responsible employer and with additional socially responsible measures improving employee satisfaction, promoting health and improve the organizational environment. 


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