K30 LOCK - For furniture manufacturers, libraries, public institutions and hotels

Using the K30 LOCK on a laptop

In the library or e.g. at the hotel bar many visitors or guests use their laptops. However, many are often alone there.

So where do you put your laptop when you have to move away from the table, for whatever reason, and don't want to take everything with you?

The K30 LOCK offers simple but safe protection.

And this is how it works: The compact rewinder with permanent pull and wire rope is installed on-site at a table, under the bar or e.g. screwed under the seat. The two pins at the end of the lock can be sunk into the narrow opening of most standard laptops, locked in the laptop by turning the number combination on the lock, and released again after return - easily, quickly and securely protected against theft when it matters!

Using the K30 LOCK on a laptopK30 LOCK with the rope extendedDetailed view of the combination lock of a K30 LOCKDetailed view of the lock of a K30 LOCK


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