Leonardo da Vinci - inventor and scientist ... and ATHOS right in the middle!

Drawing by artist Leonardo da Vinci

An exhibition at the Osthaus Museum in Hagen from 15th of Sept. 2019 to 12th of Jan. 2020

In the bright, modern premises of the Museum in Hagen, the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - Inventor and Scientist" shows the work of one of the greatest universal geniuses in the world.

With the first exhibits it becomes clear that you will not meet the artist here but the technical genius Leonardo.

The museum's premises divide the exhibition into content areas: military (cannon, tanks, etc.), mechanics (gears, aircraft, clocks), architecture (bridge construction) and anatomy (cross-section through the female body, etc.).

More than 100 hand-colored facsimiles document the work of Leonardo in its entirety. 25 models, exact replicas of wood and metal according to Leonardo's drawings, are partly movable and can be operated under manual guidance. The theme-based multimedia terminals inform the visitor also about interesting facts about the Renaissance, Leonardo's life and work, his work as a painter, engineer and architect, bridge builder and researcher.

Leonardo da Vinci, who was born in Vinci in 1452 and died in Amboise in 1519, shaped the second half of the second millennium like no one else. While works of his artistic output, such as the "Mona Lisa" or the "Last Supper", are known all over the world, the exhibition in Hagen is dedicated to a less noticed side of the universal genius: Leonardo as inventor and scientist. He saw the world as a big machine and wanted to build "machines that could move entire worlds."

Drawings and sketches by the master, ranging from designs to various machines, canals, bridges and buildings, to geometric studies and incredibly detailed - especially anatomical - drawings, testify to this genius.

Some models - made to his designs - are also to be admired. So there is the model of a helicopter, an airplane, an automobile, a clockwork, a tank, various cannons, gears and other technical inventions, with which he was far ahead of his time in the 15th century.

In one area of the large hall of the exhibition the visitor finds technical inventions of the modern times from the domestic area. Schulte Elektrotechnik, Flühs Drehtechnik, WENZ Kunststoff u.v.m. provide with their product developments examples of pioneering, experimental and ingenuity at the highest international level.

ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH also joins this group as a global company from the Märkischer Kreis. The displayed cable winding system K27 comprises "an inner and an outer drum part and a back plate. On the inner drum part a hollow cylindrical backdrop is formed, in the inner wall of a concavity is introduced. On the back plate, a radially displaceable brake lever is arranged, which has a slot in which the axis of a brake wheel is guided, which projects into the gate and bears against its inner wall. The slot is positioned at an angle so that the brake wheel is pressed against the inner wall of the backdrop upon rotation of the gate in the winding direction of the cable drum. At the brake lever, a blocking element is arranged, which cooperates with a arranged on the inner drum part catch part such that it is blocked only when passing the catching part in the winding direction of the cable drum.”

Being exhibited in conjunction with the ingenious and papered thoughts and models of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, is filling with pride and continues to be ATHOS' motivation for solving technical problems.

Here are some photos of the exhibition!

Drawing by artist Leonardo da VinciExhibit Evoline BearExhibit drawing by da VinciOverview of the showroomExhibits FlühsExhibit da Vinci helicopterWall-mounted information boardExhibit ATHOS cable rewinderExhibit ATHOS cable rewinder from above


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